Tuesday, September 02, 2008

My Cameras

Bell & Howell two twenty  8mm

Bell & Howell  8mm Movie camera  Vintage 1950s.

Böwe Bell & Howell is a U.S.-based former manufacturer of motion picture machinery.

According to its charter, Bell & Howell Company was incorporated February 17, 1907. It was duly recorded in the Cook County Record Book eight days later. The first meeting of stockholders took place in the office of Attorney W. G. Strong on February 19 at 10 a. m. The first board of directors was chosen for a term of one year: Donald Joseph Bell, chairman; Albert Summers Howell, secretary; and Marguerite V. Bell (wife of Donald Bell), vice chairman.

Founded by two projectionists to manufacture motion picture equipment, the firm is currently headquartered in WheelingIllinois, the Bell & Howell Company merged with Böwe Systec Inc. in 2003 to become Böwe Bell & Howell. Currently, the company provides document processing, microfilmers, scanners, and financial services.

The trademark is also licensed to makers of various electronic consumer products

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